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What is CJ N Action?

CJ N Action is a collective small business that treats, take cares, and most importantly help the elderly with day to day living expectations. We thrive to ensure the happiness of our community and employees. Since day one with the small staff and clientele we had the goal never changed. Always and forever for the people. As we creep through 2023 to 2024 the expectations are higher and higher as the clock rotates. We are loving the rate we are exceling in for those who stick with us we promise to make it worth your time!

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From then to Now. . . 

I decided to leave my corporate job in May 2017. So I decided to go get a job being a caregiver. I was given an interview to do an application and orientation. The orientation was eight hours. So an hour before it was over the Director ask if she can talk to me before I leave. She wanted to know if I would like a position in the office doing Human Resources. I gladly accepted the offer and asked if they would train me. They offered that I come in for three days to see if it was something I would enjoy doing. So I started training and I fell in love with the Home Health care field. I enjoyed the clients and helping them when they needed services. So as years passed by I decided to start my own business because I had the heart for this type of work!

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4500 South Kingshighway Blvd. Suite 17, St.Louis, Mo 63109


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